We believe in faith! By that, we choose to walk in faith regarding the support of this ministry. 

Regardless of how you support us, either with your time, talent or treasure, those who have chosen to invest in the Kingdom by partnering with Spiritually Led are a special gift from God.  Together it is our plan to equip the saints to walk in maturity, to assist local churches by offering training seminars for their congregations, and to impact the community by developing outreach programs.

The future of our ministry is unfolding in front of our very eyes at this very time. We believe that initially it will have a regional focus and operate in partnership with, but outside of the traditional church system.

We can always use prayer, and if God lays it upon your heart to include us in your prayers, we would be most grateful. If you decide to pray for us, would you be so kind to let us know? We may have need on occasion to request prayer from our extended prayer warriors. And of course, as a general rule, we would love to have the covering of prayer any time we can get it.
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If you choose to financially invest in this fruitful ministry,we thank you!!!  No amount is insignificant. Each gift becomes a part of the whole that advances the Kingdom of God. You can donate an offering to Spiritually Led right now with your credit or debit card.

To make a one time gift of any size to Spiritually Led:


2 thoughts on “Partner

  1. Can you please tell me what a prophet’s reward is? I’ve read your blog and it is very long. After reading it, I still didn’t know what a prophet’s reward it. Is it possible to answer this question simply. I will not bother you will any replays.

  2. Hi Gary

    I believe the prophet’s reward is the ability to see and hear like a prophet. The fact that Paul exhorted us that while he was eager to see us speak in tongues, he was MUCH more interested in seeing that everyone learn to prophesy. To obey means to “hear clearly.” Isn’t easier to obey God if we can hear him? And how much better would the church be if everyone could hear his voice for themselves?

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