About Spiritually Led

About Spiritually Led

Spiritually Led is a blog created by Mark Grote for the purpose of developing spiritual awareness in Christians who are learning to walk in a deeper, more spiritual relationship with God.  The primary topics discussed include aspects of leadership, church, relationships and general subject matter related to spiritual growth in people and churches.

Mark Grote
Mark Grote

Mark Grote serves as a leader and co-founder of Encounter International Ministries. He is a writer and blogger and also a Senior Advertising Manager for HP. Mark also host Sought Out Radio, a weekly format talk show about spirituality heard Thursday afternoons on KCIS Radio in the Seattle area. A former television producer and radio talk show host at a Seattle-area Christian radio station, Mark is veteran of several younger church plants where he has been active in the prophetic and as a spiritual leader and advisor. For the last 5 years Mark has focused on helping Christians develop a deeper spiritual awareness and commitments to the call on their lives.

Mark is deeply passionate about how we ‘do’ church and desires to see church transition from its one demensional focus of today to becoming resourced based, spiritually led, relational and gifted.  His desire is to help raise up prototype churches that are released from the “fame game” or slaves to money.  It is his hope that his life will be a shining example for how the focus should always be on attracting God over people.

This blog is not adverse to debate and strong opinions as is so often the case in church. Christians should be able to “reason together” on church and the process we are on as Christians.

To some of you, this blog may appear provocative at times, but that is only for the purpose to spur on debate, discussion and to stir up thoughts on subjects related to spirituality.  The goal here is to sharpen some iron and move us away from being religious and more toward a deeper, intimate relationship with the Father. Feel free to participate in the discussions on Spiritually Led.

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9 thoughts on “About Spiritually Led

  1. I love those songs and although I agree with what you are saying about words we sing, I tend to think a bit differently as to what those phrases are “meant” to mean. But you are sooo very right……..words are so very powerful we need to be more aware!!!

  2. I feel you argue against your own stated purpose. To say the the song “shouldn’t be used in a corporate setting” defeats one of your strongest ideals of getting outside of the four walls of the church. In an era where arguably the church has become self-focused and introverted we very well ought to sing “I’m sorry Lord for the thing I’ve made it.” Imagine a generation of “church goers” who sing this in truth knowing that they have allowed worship to become something about them rather than where all worship should be directed, Jesus. Now imagine if they owned it….They too would have the heart of God and venture outside the walls.

  3. How does saying a certain song has no place in the corporate worship contradict the premise that the church should get outside its walls?To me those are two very different ideas. While I agree with your point that church has stayed too inwardly focused, I do not agree that it means its contradictive. My earlier point is that if I sing, “I’m sorry Lord for the thing I’ve made it” shouldn’t I actually have something in mind for that? This to me is entirely too personal and applies only to the artist and therefore is not the church. For that reason, i personally think the church would be better served to sing other songs. Shoot, there’s only a few thousand others to choose from, many of which are far more deserving of our time anyway.

  4. Mark, what a beautiful website (or blog) I haven’t read all the entries but was blessed by the one on Tom Ferguson. I started on Colby also around 1981 and he was my pastor till I changed to Snohomish in 87. He’ll always will have a special place in my heart and his messages and stories continue to guide my life.

  5. Hello Kathy!
    I’m sure our paths probably crossed at one time or another given that we were there about the same time. I totally share your point of view on Tom. What a blessing that God chose us to be under Tom. What a MAJOR blessing and foundation that is!
    Blessings to you!

  6. Mark, it was possibly you who responded to my “follow” on Twitter this morning. This was my first excursion into Twitter, and you were one of the “five” I chose to “follow”. At this time, I am seeing Twitter even sillier than Facebook, but both seem to be able to produce results. Also at this time, I am having trouble seeing how that can happen. I have problems with outfits where communication is not able to occur.

    You can possibly glean a bit about me from a browse through my website. Father’s best Laurence

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