Giving Halloween back to God

Giving Halloween back to God

It’s October 31st and that means it’s Halloween everywhere around the country. Children will be dressing up and attending parties and going out on the streets in their local neighborhoods visiting homes with the message of trick or treat in search of candy.

That’s the observation and it applies to churches everywhere as well. So why do you suppose there is so much superstitiousness in the body of Christ today when it comes to Halloween? Why don’t we feel like we can participate in what is a secular activity? Is it any different than taking your children to sit on the lap of Santa? I don’t understand how the two activities are so different. If our local churches are hosting dress-up with candy, how is this any different than what children are doing in their neighborhoods out in our communities? Haven’t we just co-opted the idea and brought it into the church and called it holy?

I’m not actually disagreeing with the idea of Harvest carnivals. I strongly believe that we can take anything in the world and sanctify it and make it holy which is my larger point. After all if a human being and all things in our brokenness and sin can be sanctified before God, how much more so can an activity be given the same right?

What I’m trying to get at is that there is so much superstitiousness around the idea of taking part in Halloween mostly because of the origins of the day. But let’s face it. This is a secular holiday if you want to call it that, and if God can sanctify the person and an activity, why can’t he sanctify the whole day? God is not in the business of ceding days away to Satan and Christians should be in fear of opening their doors for violations to God’s law.  We should not take the attitude that we cannot participate in something like we’re going to get something evil on us or perhaps because we think we’re in disobedience to God.

Jeremiah 32:27 says, “I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” In addition God reminded Peter in Acts chapter 10 not to call anything that God made unclean. Did God make October 31st? Did he make this day along with every other day? Did Satan purpose certain things for this day? Yes like every other day, but we don’t block those off our calendar.  Keep in mind too that God made Satan. He is over everything and there is nothing that we cannot do if our own conscience clear and by giving God the glory and the blessing and the thanks for the things that he has made.

So go, take your children to people who love them and want to bless them with a candy bar and a pat on the head. Go and have fun without fear of retribution. But do so with purpose. It doesn’t matter if you do this on October 30 or 31st, nor does it make us better if we go to the church to do this. But if we go out with everyone else on this night, do it with God in mind for your own neighborhood. Pray and bless as you go. Teach your children to bless those who blesses them with candy. Turn this day around and use it against the enemy for God’s purpose. We are an army of God, not wimps!  And we are armed with the truth that God is for us, therefore who can be against us? Satan? Like he needs a specific day to do that.

God can lead us in everything we do and nothing we do today is going to get stuck on us anymore than if you hand out tracks during the 4th of July Parade. And while every person must do what their conscience tells them they should do, we should not walk in fear of doing the wrong thing without violating the truth that God is faithful to always be by our side — even on October 31st.

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