When promise turns to poison

When promise turns to poison

poisonous faithWhen we are full of promise, yet we look to others for our promotion, we can become toxic. The promises we believe in are from God, not others. Having great promises in your life is wonderful but when we are not dependent upon God for the timing and release of those promises, and if we have nowhere to serve that promise and we start to become resentful toward others for not recognizing it too, our promise can start to become poisonous to our lives. It can become toxic because we believed what was said about us. We believed God’s promises that we could do anything (Phil 4:13) and be more than what we are today.

But when that promise has nowhere to serve after it becomes fully realized, and if we’re not dependent upon God, we can find ourselves becoming disgruntled for a lack of recognition and developing some pretty negative mindsets. We can start to get an attitude and withdraw from what we think are absent-minded leaders around us. When we enter into this state in our lives we start to build up illusions of what we think of ourselves, some or all of which may be true, all-the-while wondering why others get recognized and promoted before we do. Perhaps another leader or pastor gets more people, a better building or more money than you do and you start to get frustrated. We may even passively resent others for their success and especially those who are promoted before us, slowly slipping further into a dangerous sinful envy. That is not a weakness in others, but a weakness in ourselves. It’s showing that we haven’t learned to rest in God properly nor trust his timing if we are becoming resentful. If we are still seeking recognition from others to the point that our relationships are affected and we are becoming bitter when it doesn’t happen in our timing, aren’t we demonstrating to God what He might be making us wait for? God offends the mind to reveal the heart. Put your trust in God for the promises spoken over your life. We are in charge of our positioning before God. Take hold of the dream and embrace it. By all means, receive it and declare it! But He is in charge of the timing of all that. Day after day we must chose to trust Him for the timing of the dream. There’s a process in it that makes us better, trusting, restful and content, and it’s a place that the enemy cannot attack us anymore as long we are willing to wait on God. Do not skip over the process that He is taking you through today or you will be forced to repeat the test and will miss the pearls of wisdom He has for you during this season.

Abraham waited nearly a lifetime for the dream spoken over his life to mature. The bible says, his body was as good as dead and you can be sure that God tested Abraham’s position and attitude. Do we want the dream and the blessing more than God Himself? The test is designed to reveal what you want more. So trust in God like Abraham did and pray with me:

God, have your way with my identity that is in You. Have Your way with the call over my life and the promises to be more than I am today. I receive the promises spoken about me in Your word and any prophetic words declared over my life, but I accept those things in Your time and not my own. It is Your presence and relationship that I desire most, not mere blessings. I will not try to force my way and my timing based on what I want, but I look to what You want in the timing You want it. It is my prayer, Father, that I do not wish to skip over Your process that will build a better character in me and I will not miss what You have for me at this time in my life. It is not my prayer to be delivered from any trial or any wait, but to fashion my faith in a way that I will rest in You (Heb. 4) and wait for Your timing that I am released to serve You, after I have passed Your tests and after I have shown myself approved to serve You. I trust in You, God. Now, Lord, have YOUR way over my life. In Jesus name.

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