Church on the Rise

Church on the Rise

Interesting video news story recently on the future of Church. I want to make a few observations about this:
1. This was predictable outcome to me because for a while we have known God is doing something new and busting out of top-down traditional church gov’t paradigms which He is about to change.
2. This works because the ministry is shared. It is a nameless, faceless tribe of believers who are starting with relationship, service and community, not meetings.
3. This “Church” grew from 200 to 900/wk! That speaks for itself.
4. They are thinking outside the box. They are invading the marketplace. I have been saying for a long time, it’s all about the marketplace and about going to the people, not trying to recruit them.
5. I can only imagine the ministry opportunities that must be coming out of these places each week. It’s much like the Azusa Street movement.

This is just a small sample of what is coming. God is busting out of the traditional church paradigms and it is not business as usual.

You can see the story here: Church on the Rise


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