The Church Man vs the Spirit Man

The Church Man vs the Spirit Man

The Church man is faithful and regularly tithes 10%. He shows up every Sunday, he gets his “god” from the sermon, and wants to please the pastor. The church man is busy and has no time for prayer nor much time to study and gets his value from the pastor. He pleases God, by pleasing the pastor. He’s learned to feel a sense of obligation, loyalty and duty to the system of church. The Church man serves faithfully and he gives. He helps cars get parked, visitors seated, is sure media is manned, and shakes lots of hands. From coffee server, to child care provider, to usher, he does it all – and he gives. He watches the pastor intently and laughs at all his jokes, but doesn’t really understand what worship is all about. But he always knows where the pastor is and gets in a position to get noticed. He’s a bit insecure and is excited when the pastor implies he might have “plans” for him. Weeknight prayer meetings are never for the mature Church man, but he does what he’s told, is faithful to show up on Sunday, and he gives. The Church man doesn’t know what his God-given identity is, and when trouble comes, he just want to be delivered from it. His garage is clean but his marriage is so so, because he doesn’t pray and he’s not the spiritual leader in his household. But it’s ok, because he shows up to church, he needs the leaders and he gives.

The church man is highly coveted by churches.

The Spirit man wants only to please God. He’s not needy, is full of faith and only wants to see people discover their God-given identity. The Spirit man privately prays in the spirit and no one knows. He gives what and to whom God tells him to give, even if he can’t claim it as a tax deduction. ┬áHe looks for Godly government leadership, operated from a relational paradigm rather than a functional one. The Spirit man seeks only to serve where God tells him to serve – nothing more, nothing less. He has a good marriage, serves his wife, is a spiritual leader, and wants to learn from his trials and not just be delivered from them. The Spirit man doesn’t seek the approval of men, has a father’s heart, and only wants to please God. Appearances don’t matter to the Spirit man; he only wants to see God lead the meeting rather than men. He is endlessly on the look out for hunger in others and fire in their hearts, and loves it when God releases his anointing and power on his people. The Spirit man loves to worship. He has heard all the sermons a hundred times, and he knows all the creeds by heart too, but only being near the presence of God satisfies and he wonders why others are so satisfied with the status quo. The Spirit man spends a lot of time with God, is not motivated by the flattery or promises to have a platform. He is the ideal servant to God, mature in his faith, and a blessing to others – and you know what?

The church has no place for the Spirit man.

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  1. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE, your commentaries. That is the same perspective I have, and it is so awesome to experience someone with the same passion. May God continue to promote and bless your gift (talents) of writing. I completely support you.

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