The Naturalness of Spiritual Gift Tests

The Naturalness of Spiritual Gift Tests

Many peope each day spend their hard earned dollars looking to glean a bit of wisdom on finding purpose for what they should do with their lives. We will go to great lengths in search of our purpose and calling when it might be right in front of our noses.

If we know the HS is faithful to tell us who we are, but haven’t we asked him lately, how would we ever expect to know what we should do? I supposed there’s nothing wrong with looking for clues into who we are through self-help books and tests, but I’m curious to know, what do we expect to find that God couldn’t tell you himself without the use of those “aid?” By themselves, spiritual gift and strength/personality tests have the potential to be too much of a natural exercise and if we would just learn to hear and obey God, I think that’s all we need.

Spiritual gift or personality tests examine the natural part of our conscienceness and can’t see the hidden anointing where our real power lies. I happen to believe that our burdens, frustrations, inspiration and desires are much more likely to be the clues from God into what you’re supposed to do next and who you’re becoming than books and test will tell us. If we know that we are being transformed by the renewing of our minds, we know we’re in process, not static, ever-changing in God. So things like tests can only be snapshots in time even if they’re correct. Therefore, we have no way of knowing if that snapshot maps more more of the person we are becoming less like [old self] or to the person we’re becoming more like [new self] in Christ. Nevertheless, it’s still static. If we’re becoming more like Christ and in so doing, if we must decrease and he must increase, shouldn’t things like spiritual tests merely reflect the ever-growing nature of God in us, rather than tell us who we are?

Instead, if our burdens, frustrations and inspiration are the clues for what God is preparing us to be and do next, we need to look at those things and ask the Lord, why does this frustrate me? What are you saying? He doesn’t give us burdens for nothing. That can present an answer into what God is doing in you in this next season of your life. All the gifting you need will be supplied from above. Moses and Gideon were given an inheritance from God directly and at the time, they didn’t look anything like the people that God was shaping them to become and they didn’t find it a book or test. They were like us! So why would he deny us anything less than what he did for them? We just need to ask him.

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