In Defense of Graham Cooke

In Defense of Graham Cooke

There is much written on the Internet these days about people. In some ways I don’t like it because anyone can say anything about any person in total anonymity,  even if that person is in public ministry. If authors of such comments get their facts wrong, it’s nothing to them. No big deal. They are “anonymous,” and they can just move on.  But when it’s about someone else, if a person’s very livelihood and ministry is threatened, shouldn’t we count the cost before we spout off?  Would we treat our pastor in the same way?  What if these rouge authors are wrong and people take something they say seriously and it injures or smears a ministry?  Reckless behavior like this is nothing more than an misguided attack on the integrity of others and far from the love of God that is described in 1 Cor. 13.  Public ministries literally have a targets on their backs these days and particularly with this group of cloaked, veneer Christians.

Oddly, I spend time occasionally dredging these waters to see what’s out there swimming at the bottom. I seem to have a compulsion to contend for the faith (Jude 1:3) in defense of those whom I know are honest, lovers or Jesus no matter what people say.

So recently, when I found a site critical of a word given by Graham Cooke, naturally, I took the bait. Here’s the comment that I read:

In the prophetic word that Graham Cooke gave to the ministry, he kept telling them how they were going to be elevated over other believers. 

For instance he said this: “…a word I believe has been spoken over (the ministry) from Heaven and the church must hear it. It’s a kingdom word. It can only be heard, understood and acted upon by apostolic personnel–people who really understand the nature of the kingdom and what the kingdom is. See, there are church people and there are kingdom people. And there are churches that are kingdom communities and there are churches that cannot even spell kingdom.”  

To me, this is a form of elitism…elevating one group of believers over another, and I do not believe it is scriptural.

I think you’ll find that many of us that had been involved in churches and other organizations that were part of these false movements are struggling as we come out. It’s very hard to leave behind people you love, and I know that I’ve too longed for things to go back the way they used to be. Websites like this help, because you learn that you are not alone. May God bless you as you continue to seek Him and His truth.


Hello all. New subscriber here. Forgive the lengthy reply but there is much said in this thread that I just believe is false.

As someone who has heard just about everything that Graham has taught or written, I encourage you all to do the same before you judge him. Nothing that Graham teachers is unbiblical. Sadly, much that I see on this thread misses the heart of God.

Few teachers in my 30+ years as a believer have ever come along and made my spirit dance like it does when Graham teachers. His intimacy is unparalleled as far as I am concerned. There is no mistaking his truly profound insights. Not even Hank Hanagraff has ventured into those deep waters, and wisely so.

If you do not understand your potential and inheritance in Christ as a believer of Jesus, if you don’t have the kind of faith that moves mountains, you may unknowingly misconstrue the teachings of Graham Cooke and the present-future message that is so pervasive in his philosophy. His words do not suggest that anyone is better than another, but that the kind of calling on them is one that more typical of those who spend time in the secret places of God and is reserved for those who built up their intimacy in the Father. How do I know that, because this is the language of my spirit as well. For 1 Cor. 2:10-13 reads, “The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the man’s spirit within him? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. We have not received the spirit of the world but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us. This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words.”

When you listen to Graham, you will hear him speak to the potential in Christ for every believer. And at the same time, if you do not spend enough time listening to Graham, you wouldn’t know how much he speaks about being last, giving up your pride, waiting on God before you jump into things, trusting the Lord, taking your lumps and learning from your trials instead of wanting to be delivered from them, and so forth.

You all know as well as I do that as we go deeper with God, he reveals more to us about his nature and will to us. Well this word speaks to that. More to the point, he’s speaking to leaders and pioneers who will go first into something that others will follow.

Concerning the word, instead of majoring in the minors here, let’s discuss if it’s true.

  • Graham says that for anyone to get this word, it takes someone who really understands the nature of God and what things are like in the kingdom. OK, what’s wrong with that? If you read the scripture from 1 Cor. 2 above, clearly that’s what it says.
  • Graham says there are kingdom people who view things through the prism of what things are like in the Kingdom and teach that what is bound in heaven is bound on earth, and what is loosed in heaven is loosed on earth. Again, I’m missing the issue here? It seems to me that there are differing levels of faith in the church and those with a lot faith, will believe God can do all things and those without, probably won’t.
  • He says there are churches who are kingdom communities. This seems to suggest that there are people who operate in the proper context of community and are people who actually pray for others instead of just saying they will.
  • He says there are churches who can’t spell “kingdom,” meaning the concept is completely lost on them. They are likely, very religious but have no power, no miracles, no true love for the Father and others.

So what bugs you? That Graham is saying what everyone is thinking?

Consider that in 1 Cor: 2:14 it says “But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.”

I don’t know about you, but I see variations of this in the church too.  People are moving in stages throughout their lives. They first become Christians but they are babes, mere children nursing on the mother’s milk of God. Then they begin a journey with God where their faith (hopefully) begins to grow, and then later in maturity they should begin to move with power in prayer and in ministry.

Paul teaches in Hebrews 5 about these levels of faith and belief, “We have much to say about this, but it is hard to explain because you are slow to learn. In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food! Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.”

So after reading this, I come to different conclusions than you do.

1. This word is not elitist nor is the spirit behind it anything like it. The spirit testifies to Jesus and to his calling on someone to be something big, HUGE in fact, and much bigger than they are today. Well, I say, praise God for that! Don’t we need more people to reach their potential in Christ?

2. If you read Ephesians 2:19-20, Apostles and Prophets are the leaders that the Bible says the church should be built upon. That’s a first place position, right?  The scripture reads: “Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.”

Because the bible says all this, does that make the bible and God elitist?

3. 1 Cor. 12:28 says “And in the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then workers of miracles, also those having gifts of healing, those able to help others, those with gifts of administration, and those speaking in different kinds of tongues.”

Again, there are leaders and their followers in the kingdom of God. We need both. The fact that someone has a huge calling on their life has absolutely nothing to do with us and our calling with God. I trust the Lord, that he will be faithful to you like he said he would, and that he will give you the desire of your heart as well, whether that is as a leader or follower. No matter what, it will make you happy because it is the desire of YOUR heart.

Therefore, I have no such inhibition about this word from Graham Cooke. To me, this energy would be better spent if put into our experience and personal walks with God.

Renae, I am sorry you have been hurt by past movements. But that doesn’t mean that Graham is false prophet because you don’t understand the meanings and context behind his words. I understand that some of his teachings are not elementary and complex in nature, just as Paul said they would be. Before we pass judgment on someone we should first spend far more time investigating his teachings like the Bereans did, who searched the scriptures daily to see if what Paul was saying was true (Acts 17).

A kingdom mentality is one that truly missing in the church today. We have lots of religion, but few kingdom believers with “mountain moving faith.”  Where is the power in the church today? Did God say he was done with miracles a while ago and we all missed it?  No, he didn’t. We should all believe that we CAN (not just say that we can), but that we CAN do ALL things in Christ according to his purposes and will.

Bless you, Renae, and I WILL pray that you soon discover the same awesome, loving, personal, powerful living and relational God that Graham and I know!

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  1. I have been introduced to Graham’s teaching about a week. After seeking God and crying out what or how I might move into the next place of my journey, a clergy friend suggested that I might listen to Graham’s teachings.
    When I heard the prophetic soakings and teachings my heart was filled with love, power and understanding of what God was doing in my life. Revelation of God’s Word was imputed by the Holy Spirit and begin to flood my soul and spirit in a way that I had not experince in a long time. I now began to realize and understand my persona. (how heaven viewed me) And it was at this point that I understood that it is nothing that doesn’t begin with God. I believe in the church culture, we focus too much on what is happening and what is being done instead of embracing God’s presence that overrides everything that we encounter. This of course is a new perspective for many because we have embraced the idea of thinking that it is spiritual to fight from earth instead of heaven. When I realize this and my rest and peace returned. Revelation of resting in the Father was my strength, victory and peace. It is in this place that I am experincing victory in such a short time, because the revelation is that I fight from victory. I am a victor because of who Christ is for me and in me.
    I had been in battle for such a long time and had become weary, frustrated, restless, aggitated and the list continued. I was not fresh or refreshed.
    But Graham’s teachings revealed layers of truths about Kingdom principles and not church membership.
    Frankly, I am sick of religion! I just want the freedom of being part of a Kingdom of freedom, strength, power and love.
    I do think that Kingdom minded individuals differ grossly from church people in a sense.

  2. Well, there’s a lot of ill motivated & shallow mudslinging in the name defending tje faith. A greedy haste to gun down anyone with a “perceived” smell of heresy
    What it really is in my opinion in many cases is nothing else but religiously clothed malice,spite,& jealousy. I’ve seen it plenty, and frankly l’m sick of those who claim to be defending the faith when what is really going on is insecurity & ignorance “going to town” at the expense of others under the banner of “I love Jesus bit more than you”. This is what the internet provides, the freedom to attack under the guise of right,without accountability.

  3. Came across your post while looking for perspectives on Graham Cooke’s teachings. I’d seen a few critiques of him just like the one you talked about but I refused to believe that what he was teaching was heretical because to me, it all aligned with Scripture. Good to see other like minded individuals out there who contend for the faith. Just wanted to say you did a great job in setting out your response in defence – clear and well articulated.

  4. I found a tape that someone gave me back in the late 80’s or early ’90’s. It was a Graham Cooke conference in Australia. I listened to it yesterday and enjoyed everything he said. I remember listening to some of it when I was first given the tape and hated everything I heard and thought this guy is off his rocker. In 1991 I was called into the prophetic ministry, however Australia was not ready for that type of ministry at the time. My wife (at the time) told me she refused to be married to a prophet. It was around this period that I was given the tape. The Lord allowed me to go through a lot of painful growing in the next 15 years. My wife was right, she did not remain the wife of a prophet and divorced me a few years later for a much younger man. god brought my new wife into my life 8 years after my divorce and moved us to the USA.
    Anyway back to my point. God has broken me over the past few years even more than He has over the past 27 years I have been in ministry. Having relistened to Graham’s teachings I now have a deeper understanding, insight and respect for this man of God’s ministry. The sad thing is that many in the body are so wrapped up in churchology they forget they are called to the Body of Christ and need to allow the Holy Spirit to have His way with them.

  5. Amen! I too have the same word about walking in the office of the prophet, FROM Graham himself. My life has been hard as well, dealing with a lot of pain within the church more so than outside the church. You are correct about the church. Sadly the church has got fat. She is in need of nothing and can’t see her own obesity, through she needs more of everything? That’s what this site is for…to help develop spiritual awareness in Christians. Bless you!

  6. Amen Dr. Hooper. YOU have been ruined for church. This is a great example of true mind renewal. You have probably figured out that you’re no longer thinking about the church experience in the same way. You will soon realize, if you haven’t already, that systematic church, the one-leader model of church, can be frustrating if you’re leading a spiritually led life. Translating that into the corporate environment is very difficult. The religious spirit will rise up to oppose that idea no matter who brings it because the enemy has effectively learned to marginalize God’s ideal in exchange for a model that is formatted and not free to let God lead, or sometimes, even be in our meetings. But keep the faith! You are being primed to walk in prophetic ministry. That normally has a long, and sometimes, painful journey. I know this from experience as I the same word and received it from Graham himself. But since that time, it’s been like trying to run under water. No problem for me. For I was made for God’s purpose and will do whatever he asks even if it takes a lifetime. I am sure you feel the same. Blessings to you my friend!

  7. Thanks. I see so much crud on the web about people and I find it hard to believe it’s God’s will for people to tear down part of the body of Christ. As Jesus said, if someone is not against you, he is for you (Luke 9:49). We should ALWAYS keep our mind on that scripture and remember that even if someone is doing something differently than we think it should be done, what matters most is which spirit is being testified to. If that Spirit is Jesus, we can relax. The funny thing is that most of these people are pushing a religious spirit which I find more destructive than a spiritually led one. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 2 Cor. 3:17.

  8. Man, I just love this guy–look at his fruit; I wish I had so much…. He pulls us out of the religious order, laws, and protocol. Jesus is relational–not structure; it’s all about the heart and Spirit. Graham is on our side not against us. He’s passionate about God and wants us to really get it. –to quote Grae, “it just brilliant”. We need to embrace it not criticize it. It’s for our own good.

    Think about it, he’s out there doing what we should be doing in one form or another. Then you would be getting all the bashing and bad email. Blessings!

  9. GOD bless Graham……I have tapes from him and listen to them every night. He is truly a man of GOD. The love he projects in his teachings about our LORD is soothing and touches my soul like a breath of spiritual air.
    I love you Graham and thank our LORD every day for you.

  10. Great job, Mark Grote ! I was looking around for some fresh words from Grae & stumbled across this- Anyone not baptized in the Holy Spirit will be confused by Graham Cooke. They aren’t fully equipped to understand. Period. It is my belief without the baptism of the Holy Spirit, probably very very few will be able to withstand what is coming upon us, nor will they enjoy the full spectrum of what Father has gifted us. It is an honor to have been chosen to live in these last days. If Graham Cooke causes one to stumble- God help them.

  11. I first heard Graham last night and he was a breath of fresh air. I have been through the chastening of the Lord recently and was reduced to having my face literally on the ground. It was at that point God said now I will build you back up to what I wish you to be. This journey has been nothing short of miraculous. The Lord has washed my heart of all pain and expanded it beyond measure. He has blessed me with eyes that see clearly and a heart for God’s people. The cares of this world have faded and my only desire is to draw closer to the heart of God. What God has showed me over the past 8 months has been above and beyond all I could imagine. When I heard Graham teach on “radical renewal” and the “lighthouse effect”, I could not contain my joy at hearing exactly what God has shown me being put into words by a prophet I never heard before. My heart lept for joy at what I heard and I knew this man had an anointing from God. Prophets have never been popular throughout history and are the subject of much criticism by those who do not have eyes that see and ears that hear. We are called to love all men but to be especially good unto the household of faith. If any say they love God and hate their brother they are liars and the truth is not in them. hereby we know the spirit of error. Even if Graham was all these detractors say he is, we are supposed to go to our brother with the spirit of restoration and a humble spirit lest we be deceived. To smear a man who obviously has a heart for God is nothing short of reprehensible and is a strong indicator that these people most likely have only a form of godliness, as did the Pharisees, but they deny the power. As the man in the Sanhedrin remarked…We should leave this man be because if it is not of God it will come to naught but if it is we do not want to find we fight God. That is not a good place to be in life.

  12. How privileged I am to listen to such an enlightened preacher as Graham.
    He is a gift to the body of Christ for such a time as this.
    I hope he is not discouraged, but continually refreshed and and encouraged by the negative attention on.line.

  13. There is a movement of God to call out the real church or as Graham has said” To wake the sleeping giant… and he has been appointed to do just that…How many times have I been refreshed , rebuked, restored, revived and moved to rejoice from the Spirit moving through Grahams’ messages…When I made an intentional agreement to move into a warrior status in the Kingdom of God something real opened up and I’m truly moving from one level of understanding to another so that the Word of God has become real for me and I am truly alive after thirty years of believing…now, as the Lord used Graham to help me understand how to live on earth as it is in heaven…I am alive in Christ and every day I am being called up to higher ground. The thing about Graham that continues to bless me is how he takes God at His Word and his crazy humour…He is a great teacher and treasure in my life in Christ and a brother that needs our daily prayers.

  14. Hi R. Williams!
    Wow! What a wonderful commentary on Graham’s anointing and ministry. Beautifully written too. I know if Graham reads this, he will be blessed too. Thanks for visiting SpirituallyLed. Bless you.

  15. Dear Reader,

    I am a follower of Christ’s. I read a lot, look at a lot, and think a lot more about everything than most people I know. I once prayed as a child, to be Second. The one I wanted to be second next to, was the guy in the sunday school class’s lession. Solomon. He knew what he wanted before he asked God for it, he was told to Ask God for anything, as he was being made King, only the 3rd True king of the Jews, after they started bugging God to make them have a king in the first place. What happens when a Child gets what he asks God for? They usually get whatever God has seen they are already in the book he wrote along with Christ and the Holy Spirit, called the book of everything we are going to do, before we even make the first angel and start this thing called Creation…The point is I was out questing for things to listen to, things that make good sense and in need of a good pep talk in things, and I was guided to Graham Cooke’s speakings and things on youtube. I love his humor, as I Know that God in heaven is head of the humor guild, Christ is King the comics, ( King of the Kings of the world, King over the whole trillion trillion trillion gad-zook-zillions of anything there ever is going to be). Graham Cooke is someone that I’d love to meet, but if not, okay fine, I will though defend him. I do try to defend everyone, I am always given the charge to defend people, I have the charge to be a peacemaker, That is a family title, I am known to try make peace in my family. Conflict is bad, War is bad, but I will willingly go stand at battle station, and defend anyone from those that want to do them harm, People in the local area, know that Is also something I have done. I am very loud, I love to hunt for echo points, and Howl, or speak my name or other things into the air, it annoys some people, kind of a see where I annoy, look for the demons and see where they are hiding today kind of thing. Graham Cooke is a Man of Christ’s warriors on earth. We are many more than can be counted, as God is always making a few a second born of women, Made in God’s image and they are out there, and we others that know things, should be out prowling to defend where and when we are needed, and to seek God’s help in all that we do. I haven’t read all the post or the comments, I just wanted to get this out, to you all.

    Christ’s Peace to you all, his blood sets us all free, all we need do is let him know, we know that, and seek his Kingdom and His lordship first, and all the other things will be ours to use.


  16. After reading a bit more, I have had Graham Cooke friended to my facebook page, and linked to his video’s of of youtube in recent months. As my Blog states I am a Christ follower. I likely used the term Christian, but there is so many layers to that term these days I started using the other two word phrase more often. The crowd at the sermon on the Mount, over 5,000 people no microphone, people of all ages, all listening to Jesus, must have been wonderfully wonderful. My brother has a great speaking voice for crowds, has even played Jesus in several skits at his church. I mostly go to missouri synod lutheran ones, but those are just buildings with some people in them, The Church is everywhere in all the world and only God knows whom they all are. Our Duty is to Love God first, Love everyone else, then do whatever Christ like things God is telling us we can, when and where we can, the internet is a great tool, and billions of pages to read so don’t make yourselves to weary doing things.. Peace of Christ to you all.

  17. Hi Charles
    Thanks for your note. However, I would disagree with you that conflict is bad. It is not, and in fact, necessary in the discovery of real relationship. It is human nature that we will have disagreements from time to time. Learning how to carry the heart of God with the conflict itself is a HUGE step of growth for God’s people. Ministry is filled with conflict. I have met Graham and he would tell you that he has a lot of conflict in his life. Some good, some bad. But God is so good at using everything according to his purpose, it almost looks like he created the conflict himself. So bear that in mind next time you have conflict. Blessing.

  18. this is a dangerous twist on the truth. it’s not the dangerous falsehhood of the abusive, sadistic god misrepresented in the pulpit of your dysfunctonal childhood, it’s the dangerous falsehood of the self-actualizing god who is all about you, you, you in your undiscerning, spiritually immature adulthood.

    please read your bible. a quick perusal will show that the antidote to a lie is the truth, not a differerent lie. what is eternal life? jesus gives us the definition in john 17. it’s not about you becoming christ, manifesting your spirit (that is NOT biblical), acting like you have no wounds for jesus to heal, no sins for you to confess to the father, no restitution to make for wrongs you’ve done, no fruit to bear in keeping with repentance, no footholds to renounce having given the devil. that’s right, the devil. he exists, graham. but then he’d just say i’m focusing on the negative.

    whatever happened to dying to ourselves, and becoming living sacrifices?

    whatever happened to wanting jesus glorified?

    whatever happeded to loving god with all your body, mind, and spirit?

    some people prefer a “different jesus,” like paul warned of, such as the perpetually smiling jesus of graham cooke who considers the real jesus’ letters to the angels of the churches in the book of revelation a regrettable series of misprints, far too focused on error and negativity and consequences to be taken as god’s word.

    shudder. please read your bibles, people.

  19. I attend a church in Denver where it seems the pastoral staff’s central issue is ALL ABOUT CONTROL. In fact, the only reason I don’t leave and attend another church is because every church here has really really big control issues.Unfortunately, I found any ministry can cloak themselves in this same control issue and still look legit. but is that what the Lord Jesus is doing? I don’t think so.
    How do these ministries carry this out and implement this extreme control/grab issue?
    By doling out approval and disapproval. and what that ends up looking like is two groups; them, and then us-being the group that obtains favor-the people that the leadership likes. and the jargon sounds like, “OUR PEOPLE” or “our group”, and then there is “not our people”, he/she/they are NOT of our group.
    and when the leadership gets threatened
    and they are EASILY THREATENED, this is the rhetoric they crawl back to, in order to defend their pitiful issues of control.
    It comes across as very “parental”. I have felt this often. and then I realized, hey, this is parental. This is how these people, the leadership, were raised by their parents, and it is all they know. The folks that are “submitting” to them(congregation members-but in that group mostly women), they are still children, deeply desperate for the approval they never received from their parents. Asking permission to just be themselves, but having to conform to the dictates, not of the Spirit of the Living God, but of feeble people who are fallible……oye!
    I also found out that most people who have even a hint of prophetic leanings are on the outside looking in. Those who have been healed, like the blind man whose parents wouldn’t even stand up for him (when the pharisees challenged them regarding their son’s healing), are put out of the “religious” institutions. THEN JESUS COMES!!! and communes with them, and comforts them. and NOT the “pharisees” that have expelled them OUT of their inner circle. I think the curbs at the street, in front of churches are filled with those who have been put out. THE MORE I AM HEALED of my own spiritual blindness, the more I am looked upon with suspicion, and treated with rejection and disapproval. The good news is, the curbing at the street is where Jesus is beginning to have his own body of believers, and not in the church buildings.
    I do not live up to the pharisaical pattern, or paradigm. I am lost in God, and what HE is doing, not participating in the CONTROL issues that dominate the landscape of what is going on in churches here in this territory.
    I have stepped outside the territorial domination of whatever is going on here in the Rocky Mountain area. I refuse to be INFUSED by the need for recognition, and the need to be on TV-oh yeah- I call it the Hollywood syndrome, where if you are on TV, that is a validation of your very existence and so called “ministry”. This is barren in every way. Void of any presence of the Holy Spirit
    (Ichabod-the glory has departed), and just hoping no one notices. There is barely any functioning of the Spirit of the living God, and if you have any prophetic leanings, you are tagged, ear marked for the highest level of persecution any group could dish out. All prophetic is completely shut down, like Jezebel of old who had an iron grip on how to completely devastate the Word of the Living God. Don’t come to Denver for any church. You will be sorely disappointed. If you are a ministry and you wonder about coming here, I suggest you pray long and hard, and do come here because those of us who call ourselves believers have NO FOOD, and it is a famine. It would be nice to get a good long drink of water in this hugely barren desert.

  20. Hello and thank you for your note.
    I had wanted to reply to this some time ago but unfortunately a reply I started went *POOF* into cyberspace and no time permitted to write another until now.

    I do appreciate your perspective, beloved. I have been down this road myself several years ago. The good news if I have some suggestions for you that should make things a little easier to cope and give you strategies for dealing with it.

    First, I hear what you’re saying about control. Many churches operate from a top-down paradigm. It’s a “We are the leaders, you are (just) the body” perspective. That’s the system of church. And while that is still scriptural to a point, it’s not if it is lorded over the people in such a way that compliance is required to whatever is being requested without the responsibility of relationship. God never told us to submit without relationship, he required relationship as a prerequisite OF submission. From a husband and wife to a Jesus over his bride, relationship is required. So this idea that just because you walked in through the doors of the church, you have to get their permission to do something outside of church, is not correct. Inside yes, outside, no.

    However, that said, inside the church is their responsibility. I understand your frustration of looking for Spiritual leadership, Spiritual leaders and for value. I have sought after those things myself. We are currently counseling someone in our area who is dealing with leadership that has shut her down taking no opportunity to understand her, help her, even tell her what she can and cannot do. This is unacceptable and it’s an example of bad leadership.

    I do want to caution you from staying in the diagnosis too long. It’s easy to see what’s wrong when you have become spiritually aware but staying in the diagnosis is wrong too. The reason many church leaders cannot release people who operate in the Spirit is because they don’t trust the people they cannot control and many of them being carnal themselves are limited in their understanding of someone who has fire and is full of the Spirit. But let’s be fair too. The prophetic has not always been modeled well and as a result, many leaders have wrongly shut it down completely. That’s not right either but why they did is understandable. Most leadership who hear our view of the Spirit and the prophetic, agree with us. For those that cannot, we bless them to go their way in the best way they can. Our prophetic teams operation in a very responsible way and most churches appreciate it. But while diagnosing is a key, staying in it is a cancer. Once you know the problem, you have a choice. Your gift has helped you see the need, now what do you do about it? Do you pray for them, are you for them or against them? If you’re against people who do not see what you see, that’s not God. We must be FOR those who do not know what you do. We must be a bridge in the Spirit to pray in what you see they need. But we don’t get their through judgment. We must bless them to see what you see. We must pray GOD’S WILL to change the natural. That’s your responsibility with the prophetic. It’s God’s to do it. Not yours. No one said the prophetic was easy. It’s very hard in fact and it’s painful at times. Read James 5 about the prophets and their acquaintance with suffering. 

    My advice to you, beloved, is to approach your leadership. Get away from church. Go buy them a coffee. Tell them what God is doing in you and ask what he is doing in them. Ask them if there’s a place to serve in their church for someone with your gifts. If they believe in the things of the Spirit, they should easily see and hear your heart if you’re not critical. By contrast, you need to listen to them. Listen for fear. Do they make decisions from a position of fear? Because that’s not God either. Are they afraid something bad will happen or that someone will leave, or worse yet, that it will get messy? Oh no! 🙂 It’s may be a good time remind them that Jesus released his disciples immediately. No training, no classes. That should be a challenge to them. Not that you’re suggesting they be reckless. We just hope they will understand the need to trust God when they are doing the right thing. Are they doing church for people who on fire for God or for those we have to prop up and hope they won’t leave if we say the wrong thing? And if we do operate in fear, what does that say about our message about God? Did Jesus chase after the rich young ruler who was offended by what Jesus said or did he let him leave with all his money?

    Remember, it’s not you against them. It really isn’t. It’s you and God against the system of top-down church, leading to people becoming an audience by sitting in the pews like pew fodder and never reaching identity and potential in God. Pray pray and pray some more. Go talk. Share your heart. Find ways to operate in your gifting privately. I prophesy over people in church after worship during the greeting time. I ask God to show someone to me that he wants to speak to. It blesses people so much. It’s being faithful in the little things. But I don’t want to be naive either. There are times you’ll find yourself stuck. If you find yourself aligned with a church that is not Spirit filled, go find one that is and bless and pray for the one you leave behind always.

    I hope this helps you.


  21. Beloved, i don’t know what you’re talking about. Graham sounds far more full of the Spirit than that critical rant of him that you just did.

  22. Hello, I just discovered Graham Cooke recently. His words are beautiful and inspirational. At the same time, I watched his video “Living Your Truest Identity” ( and I have questions. At 5:55 he says “We are not being challenged by the enemy… we’re not being challenged by oppositional forces. This is the truth of the Kingdom: we are only ever challenged by the goodness of God.” How does this square with Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms”?
    At 7:25 he says “Is there any frustration in heaven? Then it doesn’t exist on earth.” How does this square with Romans 8:20-23 which says “For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God… Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption to sonship, the redemption of our bodies.”
    I don’t understand.

  23. To Rebekah. I’m dealing with a top-down religious church myself right now. God is showing me a strategy of how to deal with the religious spirit. He likens it to Tai Chi. The idea is not to resist or confront, but rather deflect or sidestep. And when you have the opportunity to push back, take it. It’s difficult to explain lol. But the essential is, don’t confront. And, of course, we do not wrestle with flesh and blood. God bless.

  24. Hello Beloved, and thank you for visiting
    These are good questions and I am glad you’re asking. It shows that you are actively engaged in what you’re learning. Well done!!!
    What Graham is talking about is philosophical. He is talking about our future state. So it’s less about what we are, and more about what we should be. It’s true, there is no frustration in heaven. And we know the word says “On Earth as it is in Heaven.” Amen? But the human condition does not allow this. HOWEVER, does that mean we shouldn’t try? Shouldn’t we be going after a walk of excellence and to be the best we can be…not of our flesh, but by throwing ourselves on God and becoming more like him? The other thing he said I believe is a metaphor. Of course there is an enemy, but he’s trying to get people to take their eyes off the enemy and what he is doing and put them on Jesus and what God wants to do. The enemy is no match for Jesus, but without God, he is far more powerful than we are. But again, if we become like the Father and are focused on what God is doing, the enemy cannot frustrate, discourage or defeat us. That is what I believe he is talking about. Does that help?

    Bless you in your pursuit of the true living King!


  25. Graham Cooke spoke to my spirit in a way that moved me to a new level of seeking the heart of Jesus. We are saved by the grace of God through His Beloved Son, through faith…this is the heart of our faith. I have struggled to understand the full depth of the scripture “Saved by grace through faith.” I read it over and over. I would believe it and then question it, and I just kept bouncing back and forth. I allowed my doubt to overshadow God’s written word of truth. Graham helped me to understand that we cannot be saved by works. God loves us and died for us while we were still sinners, we can rest in this truth. Jesus’s ministry, and sacrificial death on the cross was God taking the first step to reach out to us. He reached out to us first because He wanted us to see Him in the flesh, and see how He interacted with His children. Jesus was a radically different God then what was expected. He was too compassionate, too involved with sinners. The churches today keep doing the same thing. Not letting the truly needy in. Where is the helping hands of our churches. Too few churches actually get involved with their own cities poor, whether it be physically , financially, and spiritually poor.. Mine included. I am spiritually poor but I am not content to be. I am seeking God’s plan for my life and I will focus on Him to guide me through people like Graham Cooke, Brennan Manning, Francis Chan, and many others. They think outside the box which is needed to stir up our spirits and remind us how much God loves us. May God Bless Graham and guide all who are seeking Him to the undeniable truth of His love. God Bless!!!

  26. The Pharisees are out there and always will be.
    Let’s just keep on keeping on in faith with love, grace and mercy.
    Don’t let anyone rob you of your peace with the Father.

  27. Hi there!
    Before my Mom discovered Graham through divine intervention when his teachings were literally an answer to a cry for new teaching, my family were living what I like to call “another gospel”.
    Even though I knew and know still that all the mentors in my life loved Jesus with all in them, life and contention against the enemy was a struggle. God seemed to be slightly angry at everyone who did wrong and Jesus was distant. Not to mention the Spirit ( Who is absolutely totally underrated by Christians.!!), who was more of a Force than a Person.
    And then we got a Brilliant Perspective from God. He used Graham powerfully in my life to show me what He REALLY is like, what He really wants for me. I am eternally thankful that Mr Cooke answered and followed the voice of God and is so radically in his purpose, because he teaches something so basic that the Church doesn’t understand : WE. ARE. THE. BELOVED. And everything flows from that reality.
    In conclusion, we really hope and pray he comes to South Africa…. And soon!

  28. Hello, I just ‘discovered’ Graham Cooke on the internet. God has had me on a journey and He has returned me to the River Movement to prepare me for my ministry. First, let us keep in mind, that no man is perfect until the coming of Christ. There will be mistakes, because we are not perfect people. Secondly, you have to understand how the gift of Prophecy and Word of Knowledge works. It isn’t just ‘hearing God’s voice’. It isn’t easy. Sometimes, it is a ‘knowing’, a feeling in the spirit, a ‘feeling’ in the body for example. (There are 7 methods that the Holy Spirit uses.) As we mature in our gift, we will grow and understand and should get ‘closer’ to what God is trying to say or reveal. It isn’t always 100% right on. We are entering the “Elijah Spirit” Era. Not everyone will have this annointing. So, instead of being offended, see it that some WILL experience their spiritual walk deeper and greater than others. I KNOW people that are ‘closer’ to God than I am because I acknowledge that their gifts are ‘greater’ or more developed than mine. They are ‘older in the Lord’ or more mature than I. I’m not jealous of them. We are supposed to ‘be envious of a closer walk with God’. THAT is the only thing we are to be envious of – to motivate us to draw in closer and deeper to Him. Remember, we are supposed to draw the Jews by making THEM jealous of our relationship with God, to have them DESIRE it? Father God does NOT love any of us more – but, we are all individuals and have different gifts and plans. We are all on different roads with the same destination. Much of Graham’s words are encouragement and exhortation. Please pray and seek God on this. You are missing our by closing your heart, mind and spirit to him. In Christ’s Love, Brenda

  29. Very true! I love how Graham confirmed what God had been stirring in me for years before I first heard him. Blessings.

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