Has the church lost her love?

Has the church lost her love?

I was thinking recently about the time that I first started to fall in love with my wife. I remember the excitement, the passion, the wonder of getting to know her for the first time and all the talks we had. When we were together, it didn’t matter what we talked about, I was riveted by what she had to say or thought about things to the point that we would spend hours on the phone talking about our day and thoughts about things. When we were apart, she was all I could think about. Of course there was the attraction and chemistry of it all and what literally felt like electricity  when we were together. The littlest things from how she dressed, what she smelled like or how she combed her hair did not go unnoticed by me. For her, I would make a fool of myself and not having a passing thought about it.

I want you to indulge me for a moment. I want you to think back about your love too. For some of you this is a recent memory. For others a more distant one. How did you feel? What drew you to one another. Why did you decided to get married? How did you feel about each other when you were planning your wedding? What were you thinking as you first walked the isle or stood at the altar as she approached? Undoubtedly, those were magical times. Love like that is uncontainable. It just wants to burst out of us. Ask anyone that has been around someone in love. They are the happiest people on the planet.  In short, you can’t contain true love!

Which brings me to my topic: Do we have this kind of love for God?

As I look around the church today I don’t see this kind of passion in 99% of the people. I’m not sure I see it in myself.  I see a church far too focused on itself. I see a dignified church. I see a polished church. I see a casual, “cool” church, but I do not see a passionate church. In fact, if passion could be measured for how often it was on display in church, it would only be outdone by joy as the rarest of commodities. Passion is AWOL in church today and actually rejected in most cases. Show me a really passionate person for God and I’ll show you 100 others who think, “That person is a little too radical for me.”

We all say we love God, but where is our passionate love and affection for him? Why don’t we spend hours and hours talking to him like we once did with our spouse? If we love God, why don’t we seem to notice the little things he is doing? Why aren’t we in a love affair with the father?  Are we fooling ourselves or just trying to make ourselves feel better ?  We say we’re passionately in love with the Lord, but before you know it, a week will go by and we’ve hardly had one meaningful conversation with him. Try that with your spouse and see how long your marriage lasts. Is that what our love for God is like?

If you ask me, the church is in denial that we love the Lord as much as we say we do. If love is measured in obedience, Mormons love God more than Christians. If love is measured in passion, Sports fans love sports more than Christians love God.  If love is measured in devotion, politicians may be more unwavering in their devotion to their party than we are devoted to precepts of God.

I know what love looks like. I know what it feels like. If I am not spending time with the Lord or talking to him or desperate to see the purposes of God fulfilled in the lives of others, what am I? Do I long to be used by him. Is that the desire of my heart or am I just putting in time at the church to keep my wife off my back? What is behind my “walk” with God?

It’s time we get brutally honest with ourselves and with God. Look around church sometime and see if you can see someone’s love and passion for God. Can they see yours?

Again, true passionate love that so consumes our thoughts and dreams cannot be contained, so no one is fooling anyone.  We either have passionate love for God or we don’t, and everyone should know it.

If you feel like your relationship lacks passion for God then go to him. Spend time with the Lord. Start to pray regularly, preferably in the spirit if you can, and spend time in his word, or meditate on the Lord or his teachings, or just write what you see and think about being a Christian and so forth.  Get your hands on teachings by some well known spiritual leaders like Graham Cooke, Bill Johnson, and Mike Bickle to name a few, who can  help draw out a spiritual lifestyle in your life.  From this, deeper times with God will come from which passion will start flow in your life. You were made to worship him and all those things are forms of worship. Just ask him to show you how. He will help ignite the passions in your heart just by being with you.  As you do you will start to develop a heart that is cooperating with what the Holy Spirit is doing in your life and the lives of others. Surround yourself with others who can mentor a deeper spiritual walk with the Lord and then do it! Put times on the calendar to worship and minister together and keep those dates as regularly as possible. You’ll be amazed at how much your interests, desires and thoughts start to align with God’s.

No more excuses. It’s time we immerse ourselves in God and demonstrate our love for the Lord!

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