The Coming Shift in Church

The Coming Shift in Church

A good friend recently shared this interview clip with me from Larry Randolph where Larry speaks about coming shift of church that God is bringing soon to the body of Christ. This caught my attention right off the bat because I happen to believe the same thing. I have seen too much evidence to that effect in recent months to convince me otherwise. But in so doing, I believe that if God changes how we think about and do church, it will be an extremely painful experience to some.

Larry Randolph explains this principle that whatever can be shaken, will be shaken and how it applies to this cultural shift about to take place in the body of Christ.  “There is a shift coming,” said Randolph. “This is the kind of not unlike a shift that follows an earthquake.  No earthquake happens by itself. An earthquake is actually a secondary response to the shift of the plates underneath the earth,” said Randolph. So the earthquake just declares something else has already happened.  But here’s the problem with Christians. We want the earthquake but we don’t want the change. We want God to do something tremendous and enormous in our lives and shake the foundations of everything that we know but we’re not willing to shift,” explains Randolph.  Randolph says that a new reformation is coming to the church in our time where people, who were in the pulpit, will be thrust into leadership roles in the marketplace and those who were in marketplace will be thrust into leadership roles in the church. Randolph believes that the church has been, in essence, fishing from the wrong side of the boat. “God told me recently, that like Peter, you and the church have been fishing from the wrong side of the boat and either shift or get out of the way” he adds.

I believe Randolph is right. We do see a new era coming to the church. Some will embrace it, most will not. Some will try to make the new era fit into the old models and this will not be successful. Randolph concedes that leaders will be very challenged in handling this shift because it goes against the status quo where pastor is king, and all things typically happen by and through the pastor.  He contends that the church has sincerely been praying for revival and for reformation in our church and God is about to answer that prayer in the form of spiritual earthquakes in our lives and in the church. “I’m bored with the status quo” [of church],  Randolph adds.  We need to make the shift from the unproductive side to the productive side of the boat, and when God changes things, he doesn’t just change one thing, he usually changed everything.  Many are praying for change and it’s about to happen,” Randolph says, but warns us to get ready, because change can be painful.

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  1. I agree and believe that the coming shift in Church is connected to the second coming of Jesus. The next move from God is to prepare the Bride for His Son’s return.

  2. He speaks of Joseph being promoted to his position in Egypt. But he fails to mention that it wasn’t long before all that family of Jacob were made slaves in Egypt under a new pharaoh. The new king arose that knew not Joseph and down in Goshen is where they were enslaved. Their bondage lasted over 400 years until the Lord send Moses.
    Don’t get me wrong I really like Larry Randolph.
    I heard him tell Sid Roth in an interview that some preachers were going to start dropping dead behind their pulpits. I think he referred to all the prosperity preachers.

  3. Goran, the Lord has been telling me the same thing.
    We are transitioning to a new season. Previous seasons restored the 5 fold ministries…..for what? To prepare the Bride for the Son’s return. John the Baptist was a forerunner for the transition to the new Kingdom of God, some received it, some did not. God always has a remnant who have ears to hear and eyes to see what He is doing and who will obey Him no matter what.
    There is going to be a shaking of everything and we are seeing it even now. That which is hidden is being revealed…both good and bad. Corruption is being exposed and the hidden manna is coming forth.
    Many are hungry for more than what they are getting in the church and are crying out for revival. The baptism of the Holy Spirit will be poured out on all flesh. This will be needed to survive the baptism of Fire for the preparation/purification of the Bride.
    The job of the 5 fold and all ministries in this transition is to declare the return of the Lord and to help prepare the Bride for His return. Those who have been through the Fire of God’s Love and came out an overcomer will be needed to help bring the others through to victory. Understanding the process of consecration and its purpose makes it easy to navigate and quicker to accomplish.
    Words form the pulpit without actual experience in what is being spoken is not life changing and people know it.
    The thing we need to do is teach about all facets of God’s love including the purifying fire, it’s purpose and benefits, and how to come through the fire unburned. We need to teach people how to hear God for themselves so that they can test the spirits and the words, keeping what is good. The focus in this transition season will be on hear and obey. It will also be on allowing the Holy Spirit to do what is necessary and trusting the Lord to bring it to fruition.
    We basically have the same calling as Jesus, we were born to die (to self) so that others might live. There is no greater love than this.
    As stated in the article we say we want change and we want to see the power of God manifested but are we willing to pay the price.

  4. Jane, I don’t think that most will be willing to change. Sadly, there is an apathy in church today. I visit these churches all the time and I’m amazed by how little life is evident and how comfortable everyone seems to be. We need more fire and calamity and trials are not far off for some before that will happen if we don’t embarace the change ourselves. God will get his change one way or another. Whatever can be shaken will be shaken. Blessings and thanks for visiting my site.

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