The Anointing of Passionate Praise

The Anointing of Passionate Praise

At Bethel Church in Redding I had the opportunity to experience a new level of worship that they have regularly in Redding. As amazing as it was, I was quite surprised at the fairly youthful nature of the team. At first I thought to myself, “Well these guys just have more experience than most churches.” But then it dawned on me, how much experience could they really have? After all, some of these leaders are in their early 20s. So what’s the x-factor that they have that other churches are missing?

To first overstate the obvious, this is first and foremost, passionate praise. I think that’s what draws me to it so intensely. Be honest, does your worship team sing songs or do they truly worship? And when they worship, do they do so with passion? Where is this sort of passion in the rest of the church for worship? I would think that if you were a musician, you would be deeply passionate about music.

I have attended many sporting events in my life. When I go, I see deeply passionate fans of their teams and the sport. Likewise, I have attended dozens of churches, but rarely have I ever seen the same passion for praise and worship as is expressed in the everyday sporting event. Is it just me, or do beer toting rednecks have more passion for football than Christians have for worship?

Second, there has to be a culture of freedom for expression in a church where this sort of praise can occur. Without freedom, much would not happen and it takes secure leadership to recognize where more freedom needs to be released so an outpouring of the Holy Spirit can occur through whatever means.

I believe we need more of this sort of worship in church. I understand some churches are far more conservative than this, but then again, many churches are also more lifeless than others as well.

If we want business as usual in church and want to continue to go each week without having an experience with the Holy Spirit, then by all means, we shouldn’t change a thing. But I personally believe there is much, much more and we can either go for it, or stay where we’re at and remain unchanged as a body of believers.

Isn’t it time we upgrade our worship?

Give a listen to these clips. I hope they stir your spirit as much as they stir mine.

2 thoughts on “The Anointing of Passionate Praise

  1. Hello!

    This is my first visit to your page, and being the current worship director in our church, I have to say that I really loved your blog about “The Anointing of Passionate Praise”!

    We have two services on a Sunday morning, and the first one is at 8:00 a.m. This past Sunday, we were all dragging just a bit during the first service (me included!), so I went and had a little talk with the team in between services.

    I asked them the question, “How would you worship if it was your SOLE responsibility to lead the entire congregation into the throne room and you couldn’t depend on any of your fellow praise team? What if all the dynamics and expression depended on you? Are you willing to show the passion and love that you carry for God and have it show so everyone can see it?” I encouraged them that it went well that morning, but that we definitely need to be in a different place for the second service—a place where our love for God that we have on the inside would show up on the outside. WOW! Everyone was so responsive, and the Holy Spirit really did such a work!!!

    God is always so faithful. Thank you for the write-up on the importance of passion. It is so very vital!

    lisa 🙂

  2. Hi Lisa

    This is so great to see. You truly are a good worship leader. Those are great questions to be asking. I personally believe that Worship Leaders are made in the prayer closet just as great athletes are made on the training field. The intimacy that worship leaders have with the Father in private will be expressed in worship corporately when the time comes. I believe it is in that place of quite solitude that worship leaders can really be free. As they press in, I believe God meets them in a new way and when relaxed and truly free, can bring the same intamacy to the platform on Sundays.
    When that happens, Worship goes to a whole new level. Obviously Bethel has that in its team. And I am really encouraged to see that your church has it through you.
    Be blessed in your ministry of ministering to the Lord.


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