Seattle Transit Bus Ad Attacks People of Faith

Seattle Transit Bus Ad Attacks People of Faith

Have you caught the latest ad posted on the side of a Seattle Metro Transit bus recently? It’s all part of the Freedom From Religion Foundation outdoor campaign that the FFRF is running this Christmas season.

Personally, I don’t blame FFRF for its campaign. They’re athiests and entitled to their point of view and, after all, do what athiests do – bash people of faith.

On the other hand, I have no problem blaming Metro Transit for allowing this campaign. As an advertising professional, this dumbfounds me.  Why in the world would any respectable business want to pick a fight with any of its paying customers? Since the busboards have hit the streets, many Christians have been outraged at how offensive this campaign is to them.


It is hard to believe that Seattle’s Metro bus lines would ever allow a campaign that is so offensive towards blacks, gays, hispanics, Asians, transsexuals any other group.  But our government-run transit agency has no problem with a campaign that attacks the beliefs of people of faith. Let’s face it. Christians are last acceptable targets of government-endorsed bigotry and nowhere is that more evident than right here in Washington State, home of the “Holiday Tree.”

Makes you want to run right out and catch a Seattle bus, doesn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Seattle Transit Bus Ad Attacks People of Faith

  1. There were similar ads in London on buses. In many cases it had the opposite effect that the advertisers were seeking. It caused people to think and ask questions. Seattle is not the most spiritual so it does not surprise me that these ads would appear. Seattle has always sought to be a leader, in this instance it is quickly becoming just that.

    What many think is a minority in the US is quickly becoming a majority. Hearts and minds are hardening toward anything pointing to God and His love for us.

    Thanks for sharing the information.

    Ken & Maggie

  2. I was curious so I Googled the subject. There is a strong anti God and anti Christian movement throughout the world.

    You might like to view the following video on Youtube:

    Ken & Maggie again

  3. Thanks so much for your note Ken/Maggie.

    All I know is that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the church and so I will keep the good fight up. As Graham Cooke so eloquently says, “A good fight is one that you win.” Well I serve at the pleasure of my Lord and he has all the power I need. Amen?



  4. First of all as an atheist I’d like to point out that “bashing” people of faith is not “what we do” any more than bashing people of other faiths is “what Christians do.” Yes, some atheists and some Christians like to lash out, that hardly gives us reason to blanket characterize the entire group. Most of us atheists don’t care what you believe, we just don’t want to hear about it all the time.
    Second of all, the advertisements didn’t “attack” anyone, they made a statement of opinion or belief. There was no blaming, finger pointing or name-calling. In fact because all of the letters were capitalized, it didn’t even single any particular god.

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