A Treasure Hunt, God Style

A Treasure Hunt, God Style

Most kids have fond memories of getting their list of goodies that they needed to gather from neighbors and friends during a good game of Treasure Hunt. Either individually or in groups of 2 or more, kids would go on treasure hunts for safety pins, baseball cards, newspapers, and a sundry list of goods to see who could collect them first.

But now, groups of spiritual Christians are pushing the envelope of their faith by praying for people to reach in their communities. During the exercise the Christian prays for a list of attributes to look for in person to target for ministry or just words of encouragement.

The typical list that someone might receive in prayer would read, a young man, wearing a blue shirt and baseball cap, with his arm in a sling. Once the list is made, the spiritual Christian takes off for the destination that they think God sent them to, seeking out people who match that description. Upon finding them, the Christians share their faith or share the list of things that they got in prayer with their targets in an attempt to minister, pray, heal or disciple them to the Lord.

My wife found this video that was made on one such excursion trip to Disneyland by a group of spiritual Christians. Give the Treasure Hunt video a watch and see for yourself how God’s creativity for reaching the lost knows no bounds.

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