Fire Tunnel Video Counterfeit or Authentic Move of God?

Fire Tunnel Video Counterfeit or Authentic Move of God?

I wrote about Fire Tunnels yesterday and have a follow up.

Fire Tunnels are where prayer teams form two lines facing each other ready to pray for, lay hands on for impartation, and to bless the people who walk through it. Moving quickly, the goal is move people through as others speak healing and blessings upon them in a rather quick fashion.

I found some video on a Fire Tunnels that I thought I should share. The Fire Tunnel videos feature people moving through the Fire Tunnel being prayed for and in various stages of euphoric expression. Drunk with the Holy Spirit? Blessed with an outpouring of joy? Watch this video first and then decide:

I sometimes wonder if we all have a bit of a religious spirit. Some of us have more than others.  When I watch the video above, something goes on inside me leaving me wondering what others might be thinking of Fire Tunnels. What must you be thinking?  Are you thinking, “never in my church, no sir!” or something like “I can’t wait to organize a Fire Tunnel at my church.”  There were experiences that occurred in Toronto, Pensacola and Brownsville in the last 15 years that had the church questioning itself. Moves of God or counterfeit revival? Experiential or Holy Spirit?

I ask these things not for my own opinion but to get you thinking. I personally believe this is God. In fact, when I watch these videos, I get goose bumps. We need to get the church to the place where we are experiencing God and not just learning about Him. That needs to be the norm and not the exception. I don’t want visitations with God. I want cohabitation with Him. Don’t you? Honestly, are hymnals and Sunday services by dry speakers all there is? God must be board of of His mind with some churches. Moreover, when was the last time we weren’t talking AT our kids and were instead showing them how to experience God in Kid’s Church? We never show kids how to experience God. All we do is talk, talk, talk and try to keep them entertained for an hour. Kids rarely even get good worship. And then we wonder why the church produces nothing but religious people when we reach adulthood.

Let’s now watch the second Fire Tunnel video. It is from a much closer perspective and if the first one bothered you, this will really offend your religious spirit. You can see many expressions of the experience. Again, when watching it, what do you feel? What do you think? God or experience?

I picked these two videos because they are from two different perspectives. Both seem to capture a few different expressions that are going on in the Fire Tunnel.

If we are going to honest with ourselves, then we have to be consistent. If you have a standard of perfection, be warned. This might offend you. I think it VERY IMPORTANT to not throw the baby out with the bath water in all instances. Not all experiences are all bad and we should be mature enough to take the good with the bad. You don’t throw your kids out on the street when they fail you, do you? Why then do that with your experiences of God? If something isn’t God, deal with it, use it, teach from it – show other how to use discernment for it. It’s a great opportunity.  There may be some very good things about what was happening at the time and we should be bring ALL things to God and keep what is good.  If our standard is perfection, leave the church now! You will never have it. I mean, honestly, why do we feel that it’s all or nothing with the prophetic but with teachers and pastors, we can handle a misstatement or fleshy moment every week. I don’t see people crying out for us to cast out all Teachers or Pastors, do you?

So let’s all agree to be consistent. We believe in the Holy Spirit. We pray to the Holy Spirit. Let’s now learn to walk with the Holy Spirit.  If you’re not ready for Fire Tunnels in your church, ministry or group, ask yourself why? Is it going to be business as usual? Are we ever going to ask ourselves if this is all there is with our church experiences?

15 thoughts on “Fire Tunnel Video Counterfeit or Authentic Move of God?

  1. I didn’t even finish reading this article but so thankful to have stumbled upon it ! I love how you say “if the last video offends you this one will really offend your ‘Religious spirit.'” That’s exactly what it is ! I too got goosebumps when I saw this and I felt an IMMEDIATE check w the Holy Spirit. I want to laugh while writing this and even had hot spots on my body… So crazy. It reminds me of the scripture where God says we know His voice ! This is God . We’re all guilty of putting God in a box at some point or another in our lives but man … We gotta stop… Christians(Christ Followers) got to stop. Wow. Just wow. Thanks so much for writing this . I’m going to finish this article and speak w someone about volunteering in the worship department in the children’s wing at church. Thanks so much! God bless! Ha.

  2. I participated in a fire tunnel last summer in a “nondenominational” church.

    First and foremost we must ask ourselves, “where is this in God’s word?”
    It reminds me of Isiah 44:10 – you shape a God and carve an idol and it profits nothing.
    Fire tunnels are NOT in God’s word.
    It is a distraction, just as Holy laughter and drunken in the spirit.
    These are spirits that will not inherit the kingdom of God.
    They are instead a mockery of God. There is no Holiness. God is a Holy God. God is a God of “self control.” Gal: 5:23
    These spirits are leading away from salvation. This is how you know it is not of God.
    Proverbs teaches that the most important thing we can have is “wisdom.”
    Without it, we will parish. Hosea 4:6.

  3. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, Kathy. One comment for you just to keep us all honest. Let’s remember none of the many manifestations in the word were documented before the scriptures were written and that never stopped God. Do we really expect God to be put in a box now, limited to only those in the word? Second, are we saying that if someone is filled with grief and weeps in church we’re willing to accept that’s a move of God, but if they’re filled with joy and happy, they’re not especially given that joy is fruit of the spirit?
    I for one cannot say for sure if another’s experience is God or not. And if his word is silent, I do not see that as a limit to put on God. God never said there were limits to his manifestations so my mind remains open because I know that none of us knows for sure what is God vs not. The one thing I do know is that Jesus did many things that were offensive to the religous leaders in his day and he confronted every religious spirit with intention to offend it. If we’re offended, we might want to ask why.

    Bottom line for me is that I wouldn’t want to miss something he was doing because my mind, rather than my Spirit was my guide. I will take hold of what is good and I’ll let the rest go.

    Bless you

  4. Dear Mr. Grote,

    There is no where documented in the Holy Bible, “none of the many manifestations in the word were documented before the scriptures were written and that never stopped God.” We must be careful twisting and adding and deleting to God’s Holy Word.
    My God says in 1 Cor. 14:33 that He is not the author of confusion.
    He also says that He is the same yesterday, today and forever, Heb 13:8, and He also commands us to be careful that we should not add to His word not take away from it least we be found a liar.
    No matter what our position is in life, if we do not stand on the word of God, we do not stand at all. Isiah 7:9
    Bottom line for me is knowing the difference between right and wrong and that God requires a walk of understanding sin, suffering, salvation and repentance. Gods word was not written to offend anyone, but rather to set us free from deception and have salvation in Him alone.
    Remember, there is always a counterfeit and we only miss it when we don’t back up what we say with scripture.
    Willing to be corrected?? Proverbs 10:17.
    Only the truth can set you free.
    Have a blessed day.

  5. Hi Kathy and thanks for your note.
    I want you to know that no one is adding to God’s word, but I’m also not putting God in a box either. The bible tells us that there will be signs and wonders but it doesn’t tell us what a wonder is, does it? I think if we become too literal about what God is permitted by us to do, than we must be prepared to rebuke anything that was not first documented in the bible. I’m sure you would agree that walking in the Spirit does not have a predictable outcome. Joshua fought in the enemy’s camp with only a vase and loaf of bread. Jesus spit in mud and put it on people’s eyes. Are we really saying that these things are permitted in church but a fire tunnel, an organized expedient way to lay hands on many people at once, is not? I think this would be the wrong conclusion to draw or limit ourselves to because we would not have to go much further than the revivals of the early 20th Century, like Azuza Street, to repent of. No one in the bible ever punched someone in the stomach like Smith Wigglesworth did, only to see them get healed of cancer. No one threw a dead man against the wall, only to see him revived and restored. I think we must be careful not to become too rigid about what we permit God to do but instead MUST TEST THE SPIRIT. If the Spirit is testifying to Jesus, we must lean toward Grace. Jesus said it best when responding to the disciples (Matt 9:49), who were angry that a man was ministering on his own, “Do not stop him. For whoever is not against you is for you.” What we need is not less freedom, it is more freedom.

    Love in Christ


  6. Matthew 24:24

    For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.

  7. God gave a perfect, complete message of salvation through the apostles of Christ. There is no other gospel.

  8. When you look at a fire tunnel and watch these people laying hands on one another, it looks like a great big party. The Holy Spirit is a spirit of “self control,” according to Gal. 5:23
    The Charismatic movement is popular these days with distracting God’s children from salvation.
    Do you know everyone single person who lays hands on you??
    I truly know that when the Holy Spirit led me to “repent of my sins, then God blessed me with wisdom and then showed me the counterfeit that I had been following since I was a teenager.
    I believe in laying on of hands but I believe we also must be careful to know who is doing the laying on. Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure.
    1 Tim. 5:22.
    The word of God is very clear in warning us not to be deceived. Matthew 24.
    More freedom can exceed the boundaries that God has set for us and instead we would move into the territory of the enemy.
    For example: Responsible parents give their children boundaries. God does the same thing “if” we listen and obey.
    Just remember that No One Can Stand Against The Almighty God.
    Have a blessed day. 🙂

  9. Exactly. 1) I trust Bill Johnson. His team has demonstrated themselves to be trustworthy and serious about following God’s will, word and being selective about who is released into ministry. 2) My God is faithful. I am not a afraid of the enemy jumping on me like a flea without my awareness. I can plead the blood of Jesus anytime I want and he is my covering. 3) I think the enemy is far more destructive working through a religious spirit than in an environment of freedom. In fact, if we were to line up the two groups up side by side, the religious order would wrap around the globe many more times. So, as long as you posted it, what do you say are real the boundaries of God? What is acceptable? What are you advocating for?

  10. I would not trust any church who had a pastor that said this.

    It is eqasy to believe the bible and the rapture sending millions to Hell it takes faith to believe that the church is going to step up and usher in the second coming of Jesus

    It was not Bill, but i imagine it is his views also

    Bill Johnson did tweet those that stick to the bible have funny viewpoints
    this guy tweeted back those that go off the road map and away from the bible have funny viewpoints we should stick to the bible.

    How much of the bible does Bethal believe anyway or has Revelation now superceded the word of God

    God Bless

  11. Thanks for visiting my site. I would never assume that Bill Johnson believes what anyone else has said. It’s our responsibility not to assume that, but let the merits of his words stand on their own. I personally have never heard anything stated by Bill Johnson that I disagree with. The only times I thought there was a question was when someone took his words out of context. But more than anything, I judge by what the words says to judge by, their fruit. And by the fruit of this man and his ministry, his work looks impeccable.

  12. Just to chime in here I havent finished viewing the videos but I can first off say I dont believe God doesnt offend us in his word How would we ever find conviction?? Second those who I know endorse Jesus Culture by using their music for worship cant be directing towards any other entitiy I atttended a Womens congerence Glorious at the Jesse Duplantis Campus with even Gloria Copeland Pearson present and some of the music with Jesus Culture was utilized also Steve Schultz with Elijah Ministries had supernatural experience with God prior to the one that unexpected happened the following day so he proclaims and in my spirit Im inclined to believe. There is so much supernatural in Jesus time Im radical enough to believe and not try to limit the Trinity and Yahweh’s ability so trust and obey God and ask Him to lead and me follow and power and authority have been given to us through Christ Jesus. Thanks, Sandra

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