Marketplace Ministry: Liverpool 'Flash Mob' Invades Mall

Marketplace Ministry: Liverpool 'Flash Mob' Invades Mall

People who know me know that I’m passionate about the church getting out and doing something in the marketplace; to be purposeful in all we do. 

I recently got turned onto Ruth Gledhill’s blog. There she posted a story that epitomizes the idea of being, 1) Cutting edge, 2) Spiritually led and 3) Relevant.

In case you’re unaware, a flash mob is group of people who target a public place in an organized fashion and perform a spiritual action for a brief time before quickly dispersing. Last Saturday a church in Liverpool, England organized a group for an act of worship at the Liverpool One Shopping Centre.

Ruth Gledhill writes in her blog:

‘We began scattered among the shoppers. At the signal, we all stopped and took off our shoes … an ancient sign that this is “holy ground”. God lives in shopping malls as well as churches! We then made our way to the park at the centre of the mall where we sat together to form a cross … and prayed silently for a few minutes. We remembered Easter and the cross. We prayed for the current economic situation … for those who have lost jobs … and for God’s blessing on our city … we prayed for hope.’

As someone who has a goal that the church move outside its four walls more consistently, I was inspired and hope that more churches will follow the Liverpool group’s example by organizing and invading their communities for Christ.  

A short video that was taped of the event is captured here:

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