Good Friday Deserves Our Observance

Good Friday Deserves Our Observance

Today is Good Friday. As some of you may know, this is only casually observed by the Christian church in protestant circles. In fact, in my nearly 30 years as a believer, I can recall only one service ever held on Good Friday.

My former pastor, Mark Walker, at Northwest Church in Federal Way, held that service about 10 years ago to remind us of the sacrifice made by our Lord on that day. His point was that while the attention is on the joyous fact that Jesus rose on the 3rd day each Easter (and for good reason), he didn’t want us to lose sight of the Passion of Christ in the process. He told us that this is not a happy, celebration time, but a time to remember, reflect and thank God for the debt that was paid in our place. He felt it was the least we could do to take a few moments of our time and reflect on that great love – a love that would pay a price so costly and dear.

And so, with this post, I honor our Lord for his great love and sacrifice. Thank you, dear Jesus, for your suffering in our place.

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